What is Vietnam HR Summit?

Vietnam HR Summit is the national largest professional gathering of HR professionals and Business leaders in Vietnam.

Each year, Vietnam HR Summit hosts a number of admirable HR professionals, successful business leaders, authors and inspirational speakers. We also bring you some of the regional HR movers and shakers to inspire you into action with new trend-setting keynotes and panel discussion addressing key HR issues and strategies.

Vietnam HR Summit is the ideal platform for the best learning, networking and inspiration.

What about Organizer?

VNHR is a not-for-profit association to serve the development of HR community in Vietnam. VNHR is established from 2001 with the number of more than 800 professional HR members per year and 60% of VNHR membership holding Management level.

VNHR is well-organized in Vietnam with the operation of several monthly HR seminars, workshops and conferences attracting more than 2000 participants each year. We are the officially legalized HR association in Vietnam.

Vietnam HR Summit is the biggest VNHR annual event.

More information about VNHR at www.vnhr.vn

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